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2003-11-11 08:38:00 ET

Funny Video's Made By My Friend Matt.

These are pretty good... some are really funny. To see the latest download "theadventuresofmattandbritt". they play this huge prank on me and my friend Jeff so you hear my roommate and see me get mad at them.

It's large but you can always just delete it when you are done watching.

Oh and the Z-Disk is one of our friend's websites. It's awesome.

2003-11-11 08:54:59 ET

I think I got kinda lost on that video. What exactly happened? You had to go to different places to be able to find your stuff doing things?

2003-11-11 10:17:35 ET

Yeah... my friend's Matt, Brit, and Gabe rushed my dorm and stole my keyboard, mouse and incubus poster and then went all around campus on a tour with it. Then left the stuff in my closet and left a ransom note for me to go do a whole lot of stuff. Well I found my things in my closet and got pissed off royally.

The ending is kind of random and they had me die.

2003-11-11 10:18:19 ET

Matt has some good ideas but he's not a very good director.

2003-11-11 12:15:20 ET

Hahaha... oh Josh. That was good.

The originality level was pretty low, but still... every time i see people doing things like that i still get a kick out of it ;)

2003-11-11 17:59:16 ET

Hehehe... I will tell him to do more original stuff next time.

2003-11-11 19:01:29 ET

no no it's not that! i really liked it, they're funny every time i see something like that being done :)

it's one of those things that no matter how many time that kind of prank is pulled, it's still funny no matter what :)

2003-11-11 19:10:04 ET

hehehe... my favorite part of the video is when my friend Brit says "Josh... awww..." in the parking lot and I point at her and yell "YOU!!!" "WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU!!!"

I don't know but it just cracks me up everytime.

2003-11-12 03:13:54 ET

haha yeah that was definetely an awesome part!!

i just think its funny that they left that 'i love boys' thing on your!

what did you think when you came home?! hehe

2003-11-12 07:33:16 ET

hehehe... I was pissed as hell... that's one of my favorite posters. I have 3 incubus posters but that one is the biggest and just so cool looking. I just like blue as a chill color... at night we have blue christmas lights on the walls that we turn on at night. Makes for a soothing environment. Turn on some of my roommate's trance and it's good napping...

so yeah...

I was heartbroken but I knew it was Matt and Brit. I was quite upset. And then I found all the stuff in my closet when I was getting all the stuff together... and that made me even angrier.

2003-11-12 07:46:43 ET

you found what stuff in the closet?? the video fucked up on my computer so i didnt see the last little bit of it, maybe 2 minutes or so?

man ... dont you just love living in rez? hahah... the craziest shit happens.

2003-11-12 08:52:06 ET

i know... it's super crazy... i found the keyboard, mouse, and poster in my closet.

there wasn't much in the last 2 min... just a lot of Matt trying to mac on Brit... which is quite funny to me.

2003-11-12 10:42:22 ET

hahaha.....thats awesome. gota love watching people mack on other people ;)

so they left your shit in your closet, before, or after you had to go meet them?! i'm so lost. hahah

2003-11-12 14:19:16 ET

So this is what they did... they waited til I left. They then broke in to my dorm and stole my stuff. They then went on the tour with my things and then waited til I was out of the dorm again and returned my things to my closet and left a list of demands. I got the demands and went on the journey to Taco Bell and other places and went home to get some Toilet Paper(they wanted 87 sheets) and opened my closet and found my poster, keyboard and mouse. Then I went to Rudder Fountain to meet them and that's when I was yelling and pointing fingers.

2003-11-12 16:57:59 ET

hahahaha ohhhhh ok i get it now ;)

i'm sorry, but that's too damn funny.

if anyone did that to *me* however, i'd be really pissed!

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