Boo Yah... Poetry... Blah!!
2003-11-12 18:35:04 ET

Read if you want... I don't really care. I wrote three yesterday and two today. Good lord am I inspired. I'm spreading all of them around on the web. They'll all find their way to my Poetry site sometime.

"In the Shadows of the Sun"
Under this dark tapestry of thoughts and words to say
Stuck in this gross travesty
Seeking to hide
Something lost in this helpless gaze

And I'm yours... so yours

So I guess the question now is how?
How do you look through me?
How do you see me true?

My structure is open and bare to the wind
Sway me back and forth bringing me all the closer to breaking
But the point has not been met

Not been tested
Never been seen
All the while
It looms ahead of me

So sleep close, sleep tight tied to my heart
If it's parting you want
Then you will take part of me along for the ride
Rough as it may seem and still smooth to the touch
And it's quite apparent as you raise your finger in the air
Picture me there, here and everywhere

With a slight touch to my forehead we are alone
And I am no more by myself with my sorrow on a plate
Serving it on a bed of compassionate hate
And every which way it'll taste all the better
Fueling appetites and leaving it empty and broken

...No more
And it's good now

So good I cannot catch up with my smile
It runs ahead hoping to win the race
But still my mind doubts the faster

And if it's love you want
Then I am the vessel
Because I cannot stop from pouring myself dry
...empty just never crossed my mind

2003-11-12 18:47:34 ET


..I actually didn't read that. I'm just exuberant. And I happened to be on your page. SO FEEL THE LOVE!!!!

2003-11-12 18:55:07 ET


I feel it... :o)*big smile*

2003-11-12 19:25:05 ET

awww no love for amanda *sigh* lol

2003-11-12 19:39:20 ET


Do not feel left out... *smiles big again*

2003-11-12 19:44:59 ET

Ok, now I should probably read your poem... is it depressing?

*love for amanda*

2003-11-12 19:45:47 ET

Read it and decide for yourself...

*a little perturbed*

2003-11-12 19:47:25 ET

*squints at you for being perturbed* -.O

Wait.. are you still cranky? 'Cause it's ok if you're still cranky. I was still cranky, until I found out about the seals in Scotland. Now I'm ... well, as far from cranky as one can get. Farther, actually. SO FAR!!!

2003-11-12 19:50:43 ET

*squints back even harder still very much perturbed*

I'm not cranky... just wondering why you asked me if my poem was depressing? You of all people should know that the feeling is up to the reader.

Seals in Scotland? I'm so not cranky... *smiles big again* but that doesn't mean you can't read my poem.

2003-11-12 19:53:15 ET

Oh yes, YOU wrote it! Then of course I'll read it. Silly me. ^^'

Ohhhh Celler it's beautiful. *smile* Have you ever read any poems by the uber-coll artist J. Axer?

2003-11-12 19:56:22 ET

hehehe... I was hoping someone would like it.

No I have not but any recommendations on some good ones?

2003-11-12 19:56:39 ET

You can be as cranky as you like. I don't mind. *tousles floofy hair*

Seals in Scotland, yes. I can give you a brief overview here, or you can read the longer (but FULL! ^^) version on my page. Whichever you should so prefer. ...But I don't really want to type it again, so I hope you prefer the latter! ^^'

2003-11-12 19:57:57 ET

Well honestly, I don't think you can find any. He used to post a just a few on his page accompanied by artwork, but his page is down under renovations.

2003-11-12 19:59:34 ET

awesome. love for me rocks. much love for both of you too :)

2003-11-12 20:00:39 ET

hmmm... J. Axer... I will keep my eye open for anything I can find.

You didn't think I wrote it myself?

2003-11-12 20:01:36 ET


You two are my favorites!!

2003-11-12 20:02:14 ET

and you're my favourite! yay!

2003-11-12 20:02:33 ET

...i even gave you props when i did the quote thing. now THAT says something. lol!

2003-11-12 20:07:46 ET

I TOLD you I didn't read the post! ^^' I just saw, "ooh, post!" And then there were the explosions of happy, and... yeah.

2003-11-12 20:20:24 ET

amanda - I KNOW!!! I was super excited when I saw that... it put a smile on my face.

Neko - I checked out J. Axer and found his home page... but I cannot read it... it is in another language. :*o(

An Aside... I'm listening to Sigur Ros's "Staralur" so forgive me if I get a little emotional.

2003-11-12 20:28:22 ET

Hold on babe, lemme check this out...

did you go here?:

2003-11-12 20:32:38 ET

WOW!! That image is incredible... but no I didn't.

I went here...

2003-11-12 20:42:59 ET

...foriegn language? o.O

2003-11-12 21:09:43 ET

I clicked on poetry and it was Japanese.

2003-11-12 21:34:41 ET

Sigur Ros !! ahhhhhh !! great stuff dude.

its just that kind of music that you could do anything to. chill out to, party to, hell even go running to. lol.

2003-11-12 21:34:52 ET

ps. i'm glad i put a smile on your face babeh!

2003-11-13 16:36:51 ET


2003-11-13 16:38:50 ET

very interesting!

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