2003-11-16 10:48:40 ET

I wish I was a white rapper. I would rock da hunnies as I rock da mic...

And still keep my natural American heritage without conflicting with my dreams on being an artist and someone who has things that are worth listening to...


My name would be "J Shwizzle" and my krue would be da "Schwizzlers".

<...i am so NOT joking either...>

2003-11-16 10:57:25 ET


2003-11-16 11:01:33 ET

Yo yo... you like it?

Our first "song" would be called "Schwizzle On Dees Nutz ya FION AZZ HO" and that would be the chorus too...

the Schwizzlers would say stuff like "Schwizzle Bitch Schwizzle" and "Fizzly Dwizzly and All Up In Ya!"

2003-11-16 11:03:09 ET

ohhhh snap. thats the funniest thing i've heard in a long ass time :)

schwizzle bitch schwizzle ... best line EVER. fo shizzle ma nizzle, you do your thang ;)

2003-11-16 11:08:25 ET

yeah yeah... i could see a future in my career.

i should quit playing guitar and start dealing crack and ecstacy...

i could be the blunt connection for the engineering nerds in my dorm... HELLZ YAH!

2003-11-16 11:12:58 ET


you make me laugh.

but never quit playing guitar. music is the center of all happiness, well, for me anyways :)

2003-11-16 18:36:31 ET

oh i couldn't even if i wanted to... the guitar is a part of me.

2003-11-16 18:47:32 ET

the guitar has been a part of me for years.

in recent times the saxophone has become a huge part of me as well.

2003-11-16 23:48:04 ET

ps. have i told you lately that you're the cutest boy ever? lol

2003-11-17 06:34:17 ET

oooh... saxophone is fun.

ach... i'm not cute!! i'm ruggedly handsome... but thanks for the compliment.

2003-11-17 10:39:38 ET

hahahahah i just say cute. when i say cute it means ruggedly handsome. seriously. lol!!

but ya saxophone is intense. i love it more than anything.

i asked for one for christmas ;)

2003-11-18 18:02:40 ET


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