So yeah...
2003-11-17 06:36:27 ET

Being me just got a lot harder. Three tests in two classes in two days. hmmm... not so much fun.

Why's the man always gotta keep me down!?

<ADDITION> You know what's starting to piss me off... those damn sorority girl cute messages like "Always remember to never frown... You never know who could be falling in love with your smile" or "SMILE!! it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth" and then they put one of those winking things... I fucking hate it. I want to yell "USE A DIFFERENT LINE NEXT TIME YOU DUMB BITCH" but then I realized that they are just ignorant.<END ADDITION>

2003-11-17 08:00:38 ET

Whoa hey, chill.. Not all sorority girls are ignorant. I'm not. Besides, on our campus things like the BSU and shit hand out stuff and we are like... ugh. I want to punch them, but you know what? I garentee you it wasn't their idea.. they don't want to be standing in the cold handing notes to people who would rather stomp on them than read them.

2003-11-17 16:17:46 ET

hey dude. i put winking things. and i'm anything BUT a sorority girl.

2003-11-19 19:20:16 ET

*sigh* Yet again, I wish that we lived closer. I would travel to your home and pamper you and just chill. Chilling is good for the sould, you know. And I would probably give you a massage. I'm... really good at those, you know. ^^

At least we can hope. ^^'

2003-11-20 22:07:55 ET

shadow - I still hate them. Not you... the ignorant 95%.

amanda - Winking things are okay.


2003-11-21 13:19:29 ET

...Please WHAT? I live too far away! *protests* O_O

2003-11-21 14:20:09 ET

hahah we all live far away from each other, i dont think i've met anyone on here who lives even remotely close to me ;P

2003-11-21 15:54:12 ET

Nor have I.

2003-11-21 18:21:00 ET

it's kinda sad!

2003-11-22 14:14:18 ET

...But then, on the other hand... it's almost comforting sometimes. ^^'

2003-11-23 00:58:10 ET

Why is that?

2003-11-23 11:54:00 ET

i don't find it comforting ... i enjoy having people close to me

2003-11-23 12:37:52 ET

So scary people can't find you.

2003-11-23 21:21:35 ET

ehh yeah i guess so, but i never put enough information out there about myself anyways so i dont worry :) i've had the internet since the 6th grade and i'm in first year University and i've had no problems so far ..

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