Why is that you can 'only' experience the world when you are single?
2003-11-20 22:06:42 ET

Well see I disagree with that thought. To insert the word "only" is mass generalization. You can experience the world with someone but that gives you the false pretense that you are holding hands the whole way through your life. You don't grow alone... you grow beside.

I see true growth being more of a singular aspect than a shared one... I want to grow by being alone. I want to live with only myself as being there. Atleast for now.

2003-11-20 22:40:23 ET

that's what i've decided myself, too. i have to grow alone to grow at all, and having that person beside you sheltering you from growing to your full potential is just not a good thing at this point in life, well, for me anyways.

2003-12-02 21:15:04 ET

What do you think about having a relationship because you need strenght and you see yourself getting it from that bond? What, too, about having someone truly know and love you when you don't know and love yourself?

2003-12-02 21:15:29 ET

*feeling horrid for always talking about herself and her views, FYI*

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