2003-11-25 23:32:03 ET

I just got done hanging out with my 22 year old friend Amanda tonight. Went to about 3 different bars... and I paid approximately nothing!! It was awesome. I met so many cool people tonight too... too bad thay all think I'm 21 when I'm actually 19.

HAHAHA... I do act mature for my age though. I'll just have to hang out with Amanda more often in order to get to know all these cool people I met tonight so I can have some "connections". '

HAHA... I'm a drunk loser.


2003-11-28 19:25:39 ET

god i love drinking. me and my girls went and bought a bunch of bottles of wine last night, got the SNL best of will farell movie, and kicked back and drank ourselves stupid.

it was hella fun. ohhhh hot damn was it ever.

2003-11-30 22:03:32 ET

hahaha... i am jealous!!!

2003-12-02 21:17:44 ET

Well to be a drunk loser, you would have to be a) drunk and b) a loser. Do you meet these criteria? -.O *eyes you suspicously*

And if you tell me you're a loser, I'm going to smack you. Out of love. ...You know, I'm actualy quite curious as to know exactly why you qualify yourself as a loser. Is it merely for the sake of saying?

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