"Sometimes I drive or ride with my eyes closed tight..."
2003-11-30 22:16:48 ET

This weekend was a good break from the hectic college routine. I got to sleep in my bed. I got to eat my dad's cooking. I got to drive my volvo. I got to see my ex-girlfriends... all 7,000!!! bLaH... so I could have done with out the last part but oh well! I HAD FUN!!!

Woke up at 7:00am in a Hotel room with my ex(Anna) who I had taken care of the night before... she was not feeling too well... and I was not in the best of moods. I needed to be home quite earlier than that so my parents wouldn't worry. Well not so bueno about that but I did do everything they wanted me to so I didn't get in too much trouble... just a little aggressive questioning by my father.

Whatever... I was in a good mood.

"Eyes closed tight because if the skyline looks this way then I don't want to sleep tonight."

2003-11-30 22:49:44 ET

waking up beside an ex? that's gota be interesting ;)

2003-12-02 21:20:01 ET

... I am having a thought. But first, you must answer these questions:

1 - do you like children?
2 - do you have plans for the summer?

2003-12-03 15:10:55 ET

umm...this is random but you're cool.

2003-12-09 05:47:59 ET

hehe... well thank you very much pinksparkle...

Neko - I like Chilluns!!! I like them a lot!!! and I don't really have any plans for this summer yet... are you propositioning me? *winking*

amanda - You wouldn't believe!!! I was shocked cuz I had really just planned on waking her up after an hour and taking her home but she was really really drunk and I just passed out. REally REally weird!!!

2003-12-09 09:37:03 ET

woah, josh, you haven't posted in ages!

2003-12-09 09:58:53 ET

*swats at you and laughs heartily*

No, I'm recommending a summer camp, you tart! ^^'

2003-12-11 13:51:18 ET

Oh... MANNNNNN!!!!!!!

*sad face* Can I just pretend?!?

2003-12-11 14:47:26 ET

lol pretending's fun, too :D

2003-12-11 17:27:38 ET

Hell if you'd like to then go for it! ^^'

Not interested in le camp de summer though?

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