"Catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun..."
2003-12-11 14:03:47 ET

Okay so quick break from studying... I AM DYING A SLOW DEATH HERE!!!

8 HOURS!!! 2 DAYS and 8 HOURS of MATH!!!! ACH!!!

...but I need a B so badly... I am going for an A on the final... I do that I am home free.

New APC album Thirteenth Step... so good...
Favorite Song So Far: Weak and Powerless
*There's 2 versions out there. Both are incredible.

Ummm... New Hoobastank album The Reason... hmmm...
Not as good as I would have hoped but what can you expect from them... well I wanted just a little more then they gave on their last album but no... nothing more...just the same ole same ole.
Favorite Song So Far: From the Heart


NEW incubus album coming out this Spring!!!!!
WAHOOO... okay... that is all!!!!

2003-12-11 14:48:35 ET

oh DAMN i know all too well how shitty it is studying for finals, i have sociology TOMORROW at 9am and i HATE THAT CLASS. Rawr.

good luck with math :D

2003-12-11 22:10:15 ET

Ooof... it sucks donkey balls.

Good Luck with Sociology!!

2003-12-11 22:42:16 ET

ohhh thank you i'll definetely need all the luck i can get :D

it's 3:40am and i'm still up studying... lol

2003-12-13 19:07:39 ET

... your BG is making it hard to distinguish bio from post. ~_~

2003-12-13 19:09:32 ET

Eh heh... my schooling ended on Thursday. ^_^v

2003-12-18 16:47:52 ET

i've been home for a week! finals blow..but being home sucks..it's boring.

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