2003-12-28 13:30:09 ET

I'm home for the holidays... and it's great fun. Everyone I know complains about how boring going home is but I'd have to say that I am having a lot of fun here. This is the first day that I've actually had 2 hours of just chill time!!

And tonight is going to be so much fun also!!!!

Going to Rockwall to visit some friends from the Xanga.


2003-12-28 13:36:18 ET

woah. dude. long time no see! we miss ya around these parts :D

2003-12-28 15:18:22 ET

Indeed. *sigh*

2003-12-28 15:40:51 ET

I love donnie darko too....thats why i wanted to see your journal, cellar door and all, to see if it was from d.d. and I assume it is....yay

2003-12-29 12:12:27 ET

I am sorry that I have been busy but I promise to be better...

jiinxt - donnie is my favorite movie of all time and the origin of my name

2003-12-29 14:20:38 ET

*laugh* There's nothing to be sorry about. ^^'

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