Yeah so...
2004-01-11 19:32:18 ET

It's been sooooo LONG!!!!!

I've been FUCKING busy... too much shit to do.

I go back to A&M so I'll have a little more freetime online then... my rent's don't like me online here at the house for some reason.

Have a great night.

2004-01-11 19:55:45 ET

wow, dude, it's been forever!

we miss ya around here :)

2004-01-11 20:07:48 ET

i know... i sorry deary...

work and all that crazy stuff.

2004-01-11 20:08:41 ET

no worries, i know exactly how it is... a new semester just started for me at school and i've been crazy busy too

2004-01-11 20:14:36 ET

yeah... mine is about to start

2004-01-11 20:17:22 ET

wow, yours started so much later than mine! lucky.. we've been in classes for a week already. :P

2004-01-11 20:18:15 ET

dang... that's crazy... i guess i'm just lucky like that.

2004-01-11 20:19:43 ET

hahaha yeah i guess so :)

2004-01-12 11:18:17 ET

A& that your University?

2004-01-12 11:18:26 ET

2004-01-13 04:49:11 ET

Yessum darling... Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. About 45 min. from Houston and an hour and a half from Austin. A little podunk town that 90% of it's residents make up college students. It's one of the largest universities in the U.S. but Ohio State is #1.

Oh yeah... we suck at football but are still crazy about it.

2004-01-13 08:10:37 ET

It's one of the biggest in the U.S. ? thats awesome!

My school's so tiny. I love it though. It's small but very .. umm .. intimate. hehe. You get to know your profs really well, as well as other people in your classes.

Our biggest lecture hall holds 500 people... so it's quite small :)

2004-01-13 15:15:14 ET

*squeeaaaaak* That made me feel happy and mushy inside. Because you called me 'darling.' And you said 'yessum.' And you used them together. I was tired and worn too. ^^ *much gleeful lovingness* You...should come and work at my summer camp. Oh yes. ^^

Now on to other stuff! ...'College Station'? Are there...lots of colleges there? o.O Define 'podunk'. Is it largest because of number of students, or actual campus size? heh. Yeah, we're crazy about our Ducks up here too. ^^'


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