My song...
2004-02-04 20:38:19 ET

I have written a song and I like it. It's a nice song... but a little sad. here it is.

"Outspoken Silence"UPDATED

Pressing pen to page like those before me
Never understanding the lies anymore
New thought
New ground
and I am stumbling...

Accepting the inevitability of a broken heart
The latter of a love-hate story
A pursuit of glory
Another of today’s sweet lies (it's so hard...)

Flowing forth on the wings of 'why'
Never stopping to follow through
So are you?
Are you?
Rolling and falling from your lips(it's so hard...)

Accepting the inevitability of a broken heart
The latter of a love-hate story
A pursuit of glory
Another of today’s sweet lies (it's so hard...)

For life is a bitter prose written in pink
And the truth is far more complex than you think

Did you ever think to ask me...
Did you ever think to ask me...

(this part fades out)

Yup yup... I had written the lyrics a while before and was just playing around with some chords and these cool tones just kind of started showing up and it all made sense. I am in a good mood.

2004-02-04 20:40:32 ET

That's a nice song.

2004-02-04 20:44:26 ET

Thank you... I like it too. Except for the "al-a-carte" thingie... sounds a little strange to me but oh well. It's still a work in progress.

2004-02-04 20:44:55 ET

You're welcome.

2004-02-04 20:46:27 ET

That's beautiful, luvvy. But yes, the a-la-carte thing is a little wierd. ^^ You deserve the good mood though. ^_^

Also! I think that you should just give me your phone number or sommat so that I can talk to you more than once a month. ^^'

2004-02-04 20:50:28 ET

hmmm... is this a trick?

I haven't seen what you look like!! I don't just hand out my phone number to any "supposedly" hot girls I just meet online...

2004-02-04 21:00:37 ET

Hey hey hey!! I never said that I was hot! O_O

2004-02-04 21:03:59 ET

Well I believe that you are until proven otherwise.

2004-02-04 21:04:17 ET

Quite the contrary, actually!

2004-02-04 21:05:05 ET

You people assume that just because I am adorable and loveable and wise that I must be a betty! Well if I WERE a betty, I would probably also be a horribly snotty person!

2004-02-04 21:05:19 ET

Ach... you who can never take a compliment. Bleh!!

2004-02-04 21:06:37 ET

That's just a horrible mass generalization on outer beauty...

2004-02-04 21:16:09 ET

I concurr, but on outer beauty it remains.

2004-02-04 21:20:10 ET

ooof... well i know some nice smart, beautiful people that just want to be loved as much as you and i.

2004-02-04 21:22:50 ET

i like that, alot.
good job =)

2004-02-04 21:23:27 ET

well thank you too!!

2004-02-04 21:24:21 ET

heh anytime.
tis beautiful

2004-02-04 21:24:56 ET

I'm glad you like... I like it very much too.

2004-02-04 21:25:00 ET

Wait...what? Oo

2004-02-04 21:26:59 ET

I know some beautiful people that are both smart and NICE that might argue with you. Everyone just wants to be loved!!!

2004-02-04 21:30:42 ET

Oh, oh I concurr whole heartedly. It's just that I blame the sort of person that I am today on the fact that I was a social leper through at least 8th grade. If I had been beautiful all my life, I don't know that I would have learned to be compassionate.

2004-02-04 21:34:08 ET

i know where you are coming from.
elementry-7th grade i was the weird girl no one would talk to.
now im the weird girl that SOME people wont talk to.
eh its an improvement.

2004-02-04 21:35:11 ET

Yeah... me, being an ugly kid since birth, had no chance at social life. Doomed to the dark cell of the "untouchables", I had to work on being mistaken for smart and funny inorder to trick people into liking me. Compassion is my only truth.

2004-02-04 21:37:44 ET

somehow im not entirely convinced.

2004-02-04 21:39:06 ET

Yeah...when they grow up they figure out that origonality is pretty cool. The good ones do, anyway. ^_~

I was...a very loud, pushy child. Through adolescence...well I don't care to go there. ^^'

You were an 'ugly' child, Cellar? O_O

2004-02-04 21:39:34 ET

Convinced that I am "compassionate"? I am very compassionate!! I try to be a nice boy everyday!!

2004-02-04 21:41:04 ET

I still am an "ugly" child...

2004-02-04 21:43:12 ET

Ohhhhh like HELL you are.

2004-02-04 21:44:29 ET

Bleh... don't let the smile or the "wannabe" six-pak fool you!!!

I am an ugly ugly child.

2004-02-04 21:44:55 ET

im not convinced that you were an ugly child!
or still are for that matter!
and you dont nessicarily have to be incredibly attractive to be liked (though most the time it works that way unfortunately)
...theres lots of illiterate, unfortunate-looking pieces of highschool waste that somehow managed to fuck their way up the social totum poll.

2004-02-04 21:46:07 ET

hmm... man... life would have been so much easier if I'd done that.

2004-02-04 21:47:26 ET

Oh yes, people have a biological tendency to assume the best about attractive people, give them more chances, let them get away with more, and to like them more from the get-go than we would less attractive people. We are BUILT for people interaction. We're pack animals. Even our eyes are disigned for watching other people.

Unfortunate though it may seem, true it still remains.

2004-02-04 21:48:03 ET

minus all the sexually transmitted diseases you would be marinating in!
but you arent an illiterate unfortunate looking piece of highschool waste.
so everything is good.

2004-02-04 21:51:40 ET

Hahaha... You two are killing me here. I'm going to wake up my roommate by laughing. I like how good looking people usually get paid more than ugly or average looking workers. It's a little funny when you see Bosses only hiring uglier people rather than "pretty" ones. Some reverse psychology there.

Marinating... that's a beautiful image. Good one!
and thank you.

2004-02-04 21:53:47 ET

mmmm marinating in chlamydia.
i sware i have an std on my earlobe from a public bathroom i used yesterday...

2004-02-04 21:57:03 ET

*wracking shudder*

2004-02-11 20:52:06 ET

I really like your lyrics. You're quite talented.

2004-02-11 20:56:26 ET

rain drop - Hey... thank you very much. I haven't even posted my best ones but thank you very much. I have a poetry page with a bunch of stuff on there if you would like to check them out.

2004-02-11 20:57:10 ET

I will definately check them out

2004-02-11 21:01:29 ET

Wahoo!!! Here's the site:

Let me know what you think.

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