1 Year...
2004-02-08 14:12:41 ET

Well it's come and gone... 1 Year since my Alcohol Poisoning and near fatal mishap.

You'd think I would feel smarter but it seems like I keep falling into the same category as before...

...always confused.

2004-02-08 14:31:02 ET

alcohol poisoning sucks

2004-02-08 15:31:32 ET

yep... come too close to it all too many times =P

2004-02-08 16:12:46 ET

...I COULD work my magic and make you remarkably clear-headed, you know, but I dunno....*considers*

2004-02-08 19:36:26 ET

pinksparkle - Yes it does... it is sometimes a good thing when you need a wake up call but usually it sucks more than it helps.

amanda - It's not fun... don't try it for real.

neko - What kind of magic is it?

2004-02-08 20:40:02 ET

'Tis not magic, my darling...although I suppose it could be called that. ^_~

2004-02-08 20:55:40 ET

yea the whole stomach pumping...not cool

2004-02-09 12:25:51 ET

Neko - Hmmm... so when are you going to use this "magic" on me?

pinksparkle - I actually didn't get my stomach pumped because there was nothing in my stomach to pump... all the alcohol had already been absorbed into my blood so they just put me on something like 3 IVs.

2004-02-09 17:35:46 ET

Yeah...don't do that again, got it? *serious*

I don't know...it's hard to work said 'magic' when not in person. But I suppose that it can be done.

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