Hey... Hey You's!! I'm talkin to YOU...
2004-02-11 20:25:22 ET

Life doesn't suck.

Just the people in it.

2004-02-11 20:40:35 ET


2004-02-11 20:42:51 ET

But people ARE the life, darling.

2004-02-11 20:54:40 ET

I'm commenting that in the majority... life is good. But it doesn't rule out that in the majority... people really suck.

Because the majority of people you meet... you are going to dislike for one reason or another.

I am not disagreeing... just saying that even though "people (may be) the life" it doesn't mean that they are not aloud to suck also.

2004-02-11 21:01:46 ET

Oh yes, suck...yes. But you're allowed to disagree with me. A little well placed strife can just strengthen a bond. Trust, and all that.

Mind if I ask who this was for?

2004-02-11 21:05:24 ET

No one in particular... Just an observation I made today.

When I'm alone in the rain standing there looking down I feel so at peace and calm and so happy. But then I look up and see the swirling mass of umbrellas, parkas, rain jackets, the spattering of erratic colors and shapes and these contorted faces of people scurrying about gripping what they can... bumping and splashing one another.

I didn't like it one bit.

2004-02-11 21:08:02 ET


2004-02-11 21:10:43 ET


2004-02-11 21:12:02 ET

...Kindred spirit moment.

2004-02-11 21:13:46 ET

Kinda strange how those just seem to happen huh?

2004-02-11 21:16:06 ET

Not really. Not to me.

2004-02-11 21:19:49 ET


Then why do you suppose that it happens with you and me a bunch?

2004-02-11 21:25:26 ET

Soul mates, perhaps. It's a possiblity I've considered several times. I should point out, probably, that whereas I do believe in love between soulmates like no other, I do not believe that every person has only one soul mate. I believe that they have NUMEROUS ones, and with those people are formed the strongest bonds of our life.

2004-02-11 21:28:29 ET

I like that very much.

2004-02-11 21:33:35 ET

Aye...wonderful thought, isn't it? The truth, as I know it, is that most of us here on Earth are actually pretty good friends...

2004-02-11 21:35:30 ET

Hahahaha.. why do you think that?

2004-02-11 21:37:16 ET

...It's just what I know.

2004-02-11 21:41:00 ET

I would like to think that the majority is friends... I think deep down we all want to love but I think that some people substitute pride, fame and greed for the people part and take advantage of the weak.

It makes me angry.

2004-02-11 21:44:34 ET

And some people are confused. Some people's place in life is to never understand any of it.

2004-02-11 21:45:52 ET

I think the majority of us never understand any of it.

2004-02-11 21:53:58 ET

Ah, but most of us can learn, fortunately enough. ^_~

2004-02-11 21:54:50 ET

Heh... could you teach me then?

2004-02-11 21:57:06 ET

If you'd like.

2004-02-11 21:58:05 ET

I would very much so... but when?

That's my big question.

2004-02-11 22:00:19 ET

It is rather hard when you're so very far away.

2004-02-11 22:00:44 ET

Yup... my sentiments exactly.

2004-02-11 22:01:02 ET

Then again, it isn't as though I'm going to sit you down and lecture you. It's learning through the lessons life presents. It just helps to have someone who can help you interpret once in a while.

2004-02-11 22:04:11 ET

So do you think that's your role in my life?

The interpretor I never meet?

2004-02-11 22:08:58 ET

*chuckle* Well that might be...life's usually so much more beautifully complex and unpredictable than that though, isn't it?

2004-02-11 22:09:34 ET

Yeah... but worst case scenario... that's what you'll become.

2004-02-11 22:14:14 ET

Wait, what? I'll become what now? o.O

2004-02-11 22:16:07 ET

The one who interprets my misgivings on life but remains cast in this elusive shadow... it's kind of disheartening.

2004-02-11 22:26:41 ET

You have everything you need of me right here...

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