Yeah... Valentine's Day is over!!
2004-02-15 10:14:40 ET

"She says 'stop dieing on me'
Though I love the way you reincarnate me
Into a better being with every line you send me
I wouldn't mind some love but I don't get carried away
No more dreams... just reality"

2004-02-15 16:55:29 ET

...Well then to you I say 'happy End of Love Day!'

And it is so.

2004-02-15 16:57:37 ET

And it is...

2004-02-15 17:02:49 ET


2004-02-15 17:22:39 ET

*gleefully retreats* hey... a smooch huh?

2004-02-15 17:27:43 ET

*weeps pathetically at being run away from*

2004-02-15 17:30:12 ET

*weeps at causing you to weep* No no... I was gleefully doing so. I enjoyed the smooch... *hugs tightly* it made my sorrows go away.

2004-02-15 17:39:42 ET

*laugh* You're so adorable, darling.

2004-02-15 17:50:15 ET

*smiles* I try. Not very well sometimes but for the most part...

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