Two Posts in ONE DAY!!!
2004-02-15 20:01:52 ET

Well I typed this after listening to some Bright Eyes and I just kept reading it and seeing this inner beauty... this amazing rhyme scheme that just kept jumping out at me. I hope you all like it.

"Sequestered and Momentous"
I'm a little misunderstood sometimes I think
A little looked down upon
A little too easily angered
A little too easy to blame

What kind of trials do I need to go through in order to change this?

Am I doomed to be seen this way for the rest of my days
Or is this just a temporary matter?
I guess if it was permanent I'd get used to it
After a while...

But I'd really like to be smiled at someday
Told that I did the best that I could with what I had
And the time I spent on this world had some point
No matter how small or minuscule
No matter how little I really accomplished

And that the life I led was good
I wonder if they tell you that in heaven...

2004-02-15 20:11:30 ET

Two Posts in ONE DAY!!!

Color me impressed. ^_~

And the song has beautiful lyrics.

2004-02-15 20:13:31 ET

I'm glad you are... and thank you very much. I really liked writing that one.

Writing about girls all the time gets me down and this kind of stuff keeps me hopeful.

2004-02-15 20:37:07 ET

Waiiiiiiiit wait wait wait. YOU wrote that? O__O *ogle and gape*

2004-02-15 20:39:11 ET

...Yes, yes you did. Aparently I glazed over that first paragraph. *rolls eyes*

Well then screw beautiful! Darling, that's FANTASTIC!!

2004-02-15 21:12:05 ET

HAHAHAHAHA... thank you!! I will take them both... and I am really impressed that you thought someone else wrote it...

Makes me feel like my writing is more mature than it was and more professional.


2004-02-16 18:35:05 ET


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