Sappy Poem... but oh well!!
2004-02-16 19:48:33 ET

I wrote this... and I liked it a lot. It's pretty simple little thing and yet it starts to enhance itself if you read it slower. I like it...

"Source of Inspiration"
Blue is the color I woke up next to
The morning I woke up next to you
And the sight brought a smile to my face

Answers to questions never asked
Except in a time long past
And the sight of you answered all mine

The whole time I spent looking to find something
Wanted and nothing gained
though I knew it from the beginning
And I know the moments shared may not have brought anything new to the table
But these dreams of you finally came true

And the easiness of your speech
Made it easy for me to open up to the morning
And no more bittersweet dew on the windowsill
Or thoughts of sorrows still plague me

The taste of your lips
The smell of your skin
Sink beneath my covered armor
Ready for a fight that never came
The one I could never hope to win
And underneath I am calm like never before

Clouding my vision for the rest of the day
I just can't beat back the memories not even a day old
Brought back with everything blue
The color I woke up next to
When I fell asleep next to you...

And the next time I fall to my bed
I will not be so lucky
To wake to something so lovely
As the morning we slept past noon
Me and you...

Yup... that's a love one for ya...

I'm just in one of those moods.

2004-02-17 19:07:01 ET

By God, Josh, I cannot wait for the day you get a record deal.

2004-02-17 19:10:14 ET

Hahahaha... I don't know about a record deal but howabout a BOOK PUBLISHING!!!!

That would be fun... eh? eh? eh?

2004-02-17 19:52:06 ET

*laugh* Yes, but your poems are!!

Gomen...I'm not a poetry fan, but I am a music fan. ^_~

2004-08-03 22:06:08 ET

...And did you know that blue is my favorite color? ^^

2004-08-03 22:09:33 ET

i did not know that!!

that's cool

2004-08-03 22:21:07 ET

You sound so excited. ^^' Yes...I love blues. ^_^

I think it's rather funny that when I clicked on a random page in your journal, this happened to be at the top. *laugh*

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