Okay... Sorry...
2004-02-23 09:34:59 ET

I know I know... I just wanted to post another poem for you all to read. I promise to post something real sometime soon.

"Batteries Not Included"

Her smile brings a new light to this dark room of memories
Like writing on the wall scars of Summer and Fall
I wish to erase the past but I couldn't hope to forget them all
I just wish to be unblemished with the abilites of a new coat of arms
To be new for her and all to see
To be seen as an untouched product for consumption
On shelves of a store to be sold
And for her to buy into me and my dreams

...I just wasn't prepared for this moment to come
The moment that I was at the lowest that she found me
Returned and broken, nothing remade, nothing left unspoken
And she picked me from the stack of new

Paying a sum more than I could ever repay in these dark hues of words so oftenly used
Violets and blues, grey green of greed filled to the deepest, politely abused
Nothing could have shown of the gold that was her
Polished and cleaned catching the sun at its brightest finish
Giving a new light to the dark room in which I am trapped

The door was locked but she showed me the key
I just wish that I could have done it on my own
Strength of mind, heart of spirit filled
The images she deserves I wish I could be

Reading into my wealth of lies she might not be so happy to find
That I am stuck to this addiction of preverbial ramblings
Nothing but an intoxicated soul stricken by regret
Nothing individual
Nothing renewed
Nothing forgotten
Just memories plagued by fear

And she is so new untouched... unblemished
What would she want with a broken toy like me...

Thanks for readin me.

2004-02-23 09:58:39 ET

I love it. I really like the way you write, the phrasing, the images the word choices, everything.

2004-02-23 12:53:25 ET

Yeah, it's beautiful m'dear. <3

2004-02-23 12:57:09 ET

Thank you all very much... I like it that you guys like it.

Makes me feel somewhat good about my writing.

2004-02-23 12:59:39 ET

youre very welcome

2004-02-23 13:20:18 ET

you SHOULD feel good about your writing, dude. it's incredible.

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