I've been listening to new stuff...
2004-02-23 19:48:39 ET

Well my roommate is a huge Cowboy BeBop, Hellsing, and Ghost in the Shell fan and so I've been checking some of it out and I heard the theme to Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex... and WOW!! It was amazing... so I've been checking out the composer Yoko Kanno and she's awesome.

2004-02-24 07:03:11 ET

Yoko Kanno is - and I say this rarely - the freaking SHIT.

2004-02-24 07:04:05 ET

Now why being the 'shit' is a good thing...I don't know. But it is.

You should check out the Seatbelts too. They and Yoko are basically the same, but some things are separate. If you're into rock at all, music from FLCL is really awesome.

2004-02-24 16:12:30 ET

I really like the Yoko Kanno featuring Maaya Sakamoto CD... it's incredible stuff.

2004-02-24 16:32:51 ET

I'm not sure I know what that is...you see, due to total lack of monetary funds, I'm a music pirate. ^^' I mostly download random songs to see if I like a group or..yeah.

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