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2004-03-05 21:16:39 ET

Well I don't know if you all were reading my posts months ago back in November but it's about that time again to start planning my Business Fraternity's Rock the Mic battle of the bands competition. I'm in charge of recruiting bands, getting fundraising together, getting the venue, getting the sponsors, set-up and pretty much everything else.

Well right now, the hardest thing is the band play list. I've gotten 3 bands for sure right now lined up to play. I'll link them for you guys to check out.


Skylar Blue - if you go to their music section listen to the song Promise.

Fly, Mordecai - if you go to their music section listen to the song Cellar Door and yeah I know... they have to be fans of Donnie Darko.

I'm really excited about them all playing... I have always been a big fan of Skylar Blue and Shamrock is some longtime friends of mine but Fly, Mordecai is such a cool band. I'm really hoping they will win out of the three but i haven't even finished choosing the other 2 or 3 bands. It's just really tough finding good bands here in College Station. But let me know what you think about them.


I just got an e-mail maybe 20 minutes ago from another band I requested called Pilot Radio. They are a much more mellow sound than the others and have two releases under their belt and after our show they will be recording their 3rd album. I'm really excited.

Pilot Radio - these guys are amazing and should definitely be checked out.

2004-03-06 10:50:17 ET

I'd download them if I had a fast connection, but I'm sure your taste is way up to par. ^^' How did you end up with all these responsibilities?

2004-03-06 12:44:42 ET

I'm the man around town... kind of... hahaa... I'm the music lover of the group and everyone is pretty much good with passing on their responsibilities down to me.

So yeah... it's awesome. And I just got another band to agree to play so I'll update the above post.

2004-03-06 13:30:36 ET

Sweet!! ^_^

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