2004-03-10 15:41:45 ET

Okay so yes... I'm posting another poem BUT it's only cuz I wanted to see how people liked it. Most said they enjoyed the one I posted yesterday so this is just to get a new style up. Thanks that is all.

It is inspired by this quote:

A soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
~Johann von Goethe

"A New Dawn"

The look in her eyes gives truth to lies
As tears trail off into a shallow pool

Like a small forest glade surrounded by tall oaks
And falling leaves disturb the presence of solitude
The stillness of life under chaotic streaming of light
Giving way to a newborn divergence in the earth
The smallest waking moment ending with night
The dawn, the dusk, the morning of dew
Everything else seems unnecessary when surrounded

Like a crouching spirit lying hidden from a hunting faceless wraith
In the shadow she lies in wait til her moment to awake comes
Freeing her from prying eyes like a hunter's sight down the gun barrel
Seeking to end her life, fragile and alone
And when her stalking predator finds no trace
She is finally alone to give a chance to these fates
To experience the everything that awaits her
To finally see complete her newfound place
And the existence before will never comprehend
Will never give truth to lies like a chasm of night

Streaming cool moon beams through spiderlike trees
And a gentle touch of nature's hand in the wind
Brushing the fullness of her cheeks
Smooth and lightly the touch, the feel
The honest look in her eyes

And with each crumpled sound of leaves hitting the ground
Like a metronome giving structure to this present placement of sound and thought

This simple comprehension of a new face in the crowd
Setting free and casting aside assumptions failed to answer

And with her eyelids the dream comes to a crashing close
A blink, like a stutter, a skipped frame
Giving illusion not a chance
No chance to settle the spirit...

2004-03-10 19:10:58 ET

Josh....look, I'm not yankin' your chain or anything here, but...you have a really...what....you have this uncanny ability to post these lyrics that seem to tell the story of my life as it's happening, and it's sort of...I don't know.

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