So I can read...
2004-03-19 13:56:51 ET

I know!!! Such an accomplishment...

Actually it's just really bad Sarcasm... I used to read a book a week. Dante's "Inferno"... the Dune series... those damn Redwall books by Brian Jacques... the Star Wars spin-offs... The Sun Also Rises... I read Lord of the Flies maybe 4 or 5 times BEFORE they made me read it in highschool... I was a reading man. I read all the time but lately I haven't been so I missed it. Well my mom gave me this book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" before the break(we are on Spring Break right now)... so I read it and I really enjoyed it a lot. HELL!! It was amazing!!!

Go out and read it everyone... you guys will love it.

Oh... and check out this band...(poor)yorik and let me know what you think...

2004-03-19 17:52:32 ET

I, too, used to read ALL OF THE TIME. Now I'm a brainless fool.

What's the book about?

2004-03-21 12:46:31 ET

It's about this man that works as a mechanic on a fairground. He dies trying to save a girl from a falling ride and goes to heaven where is life is explained to him by 5 people that played a role in his life and he learns the true reason why he was put on the earth.

2004-03-21 12:57:51 ET

How terribly interesting...

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