Love... it's a Mutha Fucka.
2004-04-28 18:12:37 ET

Sometimes... love just plain sucks.

2004-04-28 18:26:06 ET

ok this is completely random but did you ge cellar door from donnie darko?

2004-04-29 07:03:15 ET

Yes I did infact.

2004-04-29 07:07:27 ET

Aww Josh...are you ok?

2004-04-29 09:58:59 ET

cool i love donnie darko it's the best movie ever!

2004-04-30 07:25:12 ET

Oh I'm okay... I just thought it was a good statement to make. I mean a lot of stuff happens because of love... and that sucks for the most part.

2004-04-30 07:29:48 ET

I don't know about that...^_~

Although for most people in most cases, I suppose I would concurr.

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