2004-05-07 17:16:33 ET

New Found Glory's "Catalyst" that comes out on the 18th is FUCKIN AMAZING!

2004-05-07 17:49:58 ET

whats it like? is it a lot like their older stuff?

2004-05-07 19:05:53 ET

hmm... well let's just say that they experiment with alot of stuff on this one and it shows a good transition from their last couple releases. it's just amazing howabout that... they are one of my favorite bands and this CD is the best one... but then again... i really like Blink 182's "Blink 182" so i am biased.

2004-05-08 08:25:38 ET

haha.. right on. they're not really one of my favourite bands, i like a lot more.. um.. less "popular" stuff, but i do like to listen to 'em, thats for sure. so i'll definetely have to check it out. :)

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