Something I have known for a while...
2004-06-09 17:07:21 ET

The people that hold you back are the people that make you fear life. So if they cannot build life in you then build against them. To breed positive thoughts you must have the negative but understand that the burdened heart is only burdened because it allows the anchor to be attached to it.

2004-06-10 14:35:56 ET

You're so smart, Josh....*beams* ^^

I heard from a source that I trust very much that there are certain people you should avoid like the plague...people who are always loud, people who chronically don't or won't help themselves, people who are negative more often than not, etc. They'll drag you down faster than...I don't know. Something really fast. I keep forgetting that it's ok to NOT go out of your way for every single person.

2004-06-10 22:45:56 ET

Yeah... I have to learn that one of these days too. And I'm really not that smart... I mean compared to you I am relatively dumb and quite slow.

I have missed you Neko...*shuffles feet nervously*... I know I haven't really talked to you much but I liked seeing that you left me a message back.

2004-06-12 15:06:39 ET

I missed you too!! ;_; Like...I'd follow you like a puppy, but I was afraid I was like...a passing fancy or something. You're so awesome. ^^'

Anyway, I'm not sugarcoating (I wouldn't do that when talking about 'education"), but you're REALLY not slow. Like..I know how I would not listen to advice like this, but you just really need to pick up that book. It's incredible...all it takes is the first step into this sort of spiritual evolution, and after that...everything just changes. Your whole world.'s unbelievable. ^^'

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