I know of the terrible things you do...
2004-07-12 22:11:06 ET

I know of the terrible things you do
And I want you to know that I always did
Because it doesn't make a difference
Now and then... Now and again
I look to the stars and see your reflection
Like a pane of glass this smoking mirror image
Is transparent of the love I feel for you
And I know all of the terrible things you do
I just wanted to be the one to tell you
That the truth is that I don't care about the others
I don't mind the wind howling through your open window as you leave at night
Because I fell in love with the thought of something more
Of a falling star falling far
From the rain clouds that billow blocking the moonlight
I know all
I know it all
I know them all
And I'm still here
Going nowhere
Waiting on your arrival here tonight
So I can hold you close
And let you feel the relief that I feel
Knowing that I love you

2004-07-13 00:00:56 ET


i can totally relate to this right now... :(

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