Listening to Electronica while drinking Cherry Coke...
2004-07-18 09:35:21 ET

I also have Goldfish... and the electronica is B.R.A.S.S.Y.'s "Got It Made" and Overseer's "Wreckage".

I love 'em both.

Oh yeah... I had a long talk with my bestfriend's "hook-up" girl that's 15... she's a talker that's for sure. I would try and give her my advice and she'd just keep talking. HAHA... that never happens. I am usually in control of the conversation. It was kind of weird. Oh and my "girlfriend" Naz has decided that we should date other people cuz I'm too nice and she knows that one day she'll cheat on me. HAHAHA... and then... this 16 year old lastnight was professing her undying love for me and this other chick about two days ago was sending me text messages about how sexy I am.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH GIRLS LATELY!?!?! They are all super insane and way too easy... it's not a question of how to find a girl now as much as it is a where and when...

It's kind of bothering me.

2004-07-18 11:48:26 ET

So if you don't like to have girls throw themselves at you I shouldn't say, " OMG! WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!!!~?!~?!~??!~" I am just kidding. Hey, I say don't worry about it. Sooner or later there will be a girl that will play hard to get that you like. It's just a matter of time.

2004-07-18 13:14:54 ET

i would think that the insane/easy applied to males as well ;) (but that's just from my experience.)

it's kind of frustrating, isn't it?

2004-07-22 20:00:40 ET

subway is a porno - it's not that i want a hard to get girl. it's just that is seems like they don't try anymore... they are just TOO easy. it's like i have all the power and they do not... maybe it's all a big trick but that's how i feel. and it's cool... i'll marry you anyways.

spiffey - haha... i'm not easy or insane. maybe you are a just a player like that. and it is... it really is.

2004-07-23 02:40:17 ET

Yay! We can go to Vegas and get it cheap and easy. Is teh drive thru good for you?

2004-07-29 14:53:24 ET

O_____O And also, ;_;

I'm not easy or insane. ^_^ ....Actually no, I am rather insane...*looks thoughtful for a moment* But I know I'm not easy! ^_^d

But l'amoure is like the rest of life when people are involved: most of them, honestly, are complete (or major) oblivious assholes. You kind of have to sift through and discard the crap, and keep an eye on the shiny things. ^_^

2004-07-29 14:59:24 ET

...*likes shiny things ^^*

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