The clock stops...
2004-07-22 20:02:13 ET

I am officially sick and tired of being me.

They should have "Trade Lives With Someone Else" Day.

2004-07-22 20:05:05 ET

dude, get outta my head. I've been thinking that for ages.

2004-07-22 20:36:28 ET

I agree, incessantly. Anyhow, I want to say that you have quite a list of bands that you like there. Very good taste, man. Very good taste.

2004-07-25 16:47:23 ET

roots - there's this beam of understanding between us... we should write letters to the government to push for this "holiday".

abovo - thank you very much... which on there is your favorite?

2004-07-25 19:07:05 ET

There's quite a few on that list that I favor.

2004-07-26 09:28:38 ET

we should, start with local congressmen and work our way up from there. I think it would make a lot of people happier.

2004-07-29 19:06:11 ET

...You know that there's a TELEVISION show where you trade lives with someone, right? I saw the one where a southern boy in military school traded with a boy that did ballet. ^^

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