Something I wrote recently...
2004-07-29 14:26:47 ET

So she's a pretty girl
Bathed in Gucci, Channel and wrapped up in pearls
But does she see the depth in the lines of hell
The lines on the screen
The real image that fades in the light
And screams out with insight
Into the culture that has possessed her
The one that makes her obsessed with her
And nothing else of beauty other than what her doctor can cut and sow together
Like a divining rod to take her to a place of infinite pleasure
And it seems like to her it's just the drugs that takes her

And she can't be saved unless she saves herself
From her own entrapment with herself
Like a gun to her head by herself
Standing in the shower ready to release herself
From the constant flurry of stimulation and manipulation
Constant confession in this place of mass confusion
So she can't be saved until she chooses
Before she loses all to the rushing fashion
Like an oncoming train straight to her temple
Only a click left to self-destruction

Is it welcome to see it on the newspaper headlines
The highlights page or the obituary
You choose, she's on it and worshipped like in a sanctuary
Her insides are outside for all to see
Cuz she's a seethru model of decedance
And circumstance
The persistance of the American dream
To be thin and mean and make the green
That everyone wants but nobody but somebody else has
And we are all waiting to steal it from our own lives like a credit line
The interest is too high but we just lower our heads to take the line
Through dollar bills laced with sex, lies, greed, and crime
Taking all until she can't take it anymore
And the beat stops like running out of batteries she can't afford no more
So she finds herself lowering her head to take a little more than what she signed up for
But "that's show business lady and you gotta take it on the chin"
Is this the picture she wants to show to her kids
Empty medicine bottles, a pitcher of beer and and the sneer of three stangers
The price of fame and she's not even halfway out of danger

But she's gonna be a big star and there's no stopping her
Nothing but her

2004-07-29 15:04:29 ET

that's good, I like it.

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