"Make them open the request line and let selection kill the old."
2004-10-17 20:21:20 ET

Oh Jimmy Eat World... I do wish it was Tuesday already so I could buy your album.

2004-10-17 20:32:39 ET

I have to say, even though I never liked them all too much before, their new single doesn't suck.

2004-10-17 21:31:00 ET

You are quite right... it doesn't suck at all.

Now I will say that "Bleed American" wasn't all that great of an album this new one seems much more promising. If you get a chance to... definitely check out their older albums like "Clarity" or "Static Prevails". Both exceptionally good but "Clarity" being my favorite.

2004-10-18 06:25:15 ET

thanks, I will definately look into those, as you have great taste in music.

2004-10-18 20:57:07 ET

hahaha... thank you very much.

i pride myself on liking a wide array of bands... while on the topic... you need to check out a band called "Head Automatica" if you have never heard of them. it's the singer of GlassJAW(a mister Daryl Palumbo) and Dan the Automator from the Gorillaz... wow is the only word for it.

2004-10-19 04:29:03 ET

that was so weird.i am listening to jimmy eat world and i saw this.hmm.freaky.

2004-10-19 05:14:57 ET

heard their new album, they sound more mature and steady than before even though i prefer their earlier style, but all and all i think they're pretty good:)
ps: i want to be like mike too! (whimper)

2004-10-19 05:54:26 ET

ohh riotgirl had me check out head automatica not too long ago, and I must say, they rock.

2004-10-19 09:16:19 ET

lovelust - haha... that is pretty weird but so is fate so who knows... it seems like we enjoy the same types of bands.

dollie - WAHOO!!! man... it seems like too many people don't like incubus so it's very refreshing for you to share the same respect that i have for Mike Enziger... the guy is incredible. oh man... i loved Jimmy during "Static Prevails" and "Clarity"... their lyrics. wow... it was just incredible how well they were expressing it but it does seem they are alot more centered with this album... i haven't gotten a chance to buy it yet but when i get the chance i will write a critique on it.

roots - and that is very very cool. i'm glad that you already heard of them. i enjoy their stuff so much it's not healthy. other really good albums are the new Used cd and Saul Williams's self-titled.

2004-10-19 18:30:57 ET

I've heard good things baout the new Used Cd... but I only like them a little at a time. they're good live though. I'm really sad, I missed head automatic when they came through here a few weeks ago.

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