Carlyle Group
2004-11-02 08:13:36 ET

If you want to learn some truth about Bush you need to watch this Dutch Documentary and be enraged.

Carlyle Group

2004-11-02 09:52:01 ET

ugh! that really makes me wonder what else is going on that we don't know about...

2004-11-03 08:17:45 ET

Psh, I'm enraged enough.

2004-11-04 20:26:17 ET

Yeah... it was a very discomforting topic that really made me rethink my thoughts on Bush.

2004-11-06 17:24:39 ET

Wait...did you like Bush, prior to seeing this?

2004-11-06 21:26:18 ET

Well I never liked Bush... but I hated Kerry. And this got me to vote for Kerry.

2004-11-07 08:04:56 ET

I didn't really know anything about Kerry....well, except for that he wasn't Bush. ^^'

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