So I am excited...
2004-11-27 20:37:13 ET

I have found 4 pedals online that I am in dire need of for my guitar and hopefully in the next 4 days will be getting all of them for around $200 plus shipping and handling. This is awesome... many of them are pretty rare so I am just hoping that no one finds them until I have already bought them.

I have a Diamond Series Schecter Blackjack, a Line6 Spider II 150w Amp Head, and a Line6 4x12 Cab with the 4 pedal pre-set so when I get this stuff I will be hardcore in business.

'nuff said... I'm excited.

2004-11-27 22:08:41 ET

i didnt look real deep into your page or your poetry, but the stuff i skimmed made me wanna add you so i could check you out more later. hope you dont mind. also, i noticed you happen to be logged on as we speak. :) hi. i am donna.

2004-11-27 22:09:22 ET

and holy fucking shit. you're in texas, too. we share the same hell.

2004-11-29 20:09:24 ET

haha... i do not mind at all. you are added to my list also.

hi my name is josh... pleased to meet you donna. where in texas do you live? i am from the dallas area but go to college at Texas A&M.

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