Head Automatica
2004-12-20 20:49:02 ET

"You want a medal for the things you've done
but if you really did a damn thing
we would've gave you one"
-Head Automatica

I love this CD... it's freaking incredible. I mean I adore GlassJAW but Head Automatica is just so good. It's tough to not want to dance... wahoo.

"I see a preacher with a secret
And he dare not make a sound
I see the smoke and fire
And the market burning down
I see a tulip on the grave
Of a lover who confessed
I'm a soldier and a poet
But I'm a dancer at best"
-Head Automatica

2004-12-20 20:59:38 ET

ooooooh. i'm a huge daryl palumbo fan. he is one of the most incredibly talented people -ever-.

and head automatica... wow. haha. so glad to have met someone else who loves them as much as i do !! you've got good taste, man.

2004-12-20 21:08:43 ET

You know this... man... we are at opposite ends of North America and yet so close... that's super tight. I'm listening to them right now.

"you send a message in your beedy stare and everyone starts running
brooklyn is burning and by your side we're dancing"
-head automatica

2004-12-20 21:11:25 ET

oh, for sure dude. it's a pretty rad thing.

my favourite song has got to be disco hades ii though ...

"maybe you can help me, i am looking for someone to dance with... baby can't you help me, you know i hate dancing by myself"


2004-12-20 21:17:53 ET

oh hell yeah...

"She's got the anger of a suffragette but she's crying a river
She's got the smile of a side show clown but she stands and delivers
I'm drinking heavily to slur my stroll and get some rhythm
I'm on the prowl but who would've thought that I could pick'em"

2004-12-20 21:23:12 ET

haha... this is awesome. i know -few- people who know head automatica. and i'm talking like a handful.

most people who know them only know beating heart baby, not that that's a bad thing, but it's nice to know someone who actually -listens- to them and doesnt just repeat one song over and over.

2004-12-20 21:33:43 ET

Hahaha... nobody i know knows who they are let alone want to so i've been starved save my sister... but she doesn't count. one of my favorites... like i can't get enough of this song is "i shot william h. macy"

i mean shit... the vocalization of those lines is just incredible.

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