the Stiletto Formal
2004-12-26 19:35:55 ET

"Iím a fallback, Iím your failures, but you are the one I would die for."
-the Stiletto Formal

Man... I have been finding these really badass bands over the last 6 months and this is one of them. Definitely check them out.

the Stiletto Formal

P.S. They have two hot chicks in the band and one plays electric cello...

2004-12-29 13:52:33 ET

Well hell, if there's CHICKS, then count me in! *snark*

2005-01-04 17:49:47 ET

I totally want an electric cello.

2005-01-04 18:13:26 ET

So do I... and they look really really really badass.

2005-01-04 18:20:46 ET

that would automatically give you like 25 cool points.

2005-01-04 18:22:08 ET

More like 50... check out the pics on the website... if I had that one I'd be the coolest noncelebrity on the planet.

2005-01-04 18:23:15 ET

it won't let me see the pics. I hate myspace, it only works like 5 out of 90787858 times. grr.

2005-01-04 18:28:40 ET

hmm... okay... try this one...

2005-01-04 18:33:08 ET

ohh much better, thanks. man I need one of those things. I'd have the best reputation ever...

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