So this [thefacebook] thing...
2005-01-10 15:29:22 ET

I've been looking up some of my friends from highschool and it's weird. All the people look pretty much the same except they (in the words of Joan Cusack) have "swelled".

I hope I don't swell anymore than already. I would not be so small anymore.


When someone finds you on this thing and they want to be friends the facebook people send you this e-mail...

"(Person who knows you) has requested to add you as a friend, but before we can do that, you must confirm that you are in fact friends with (said person)."

HAHAHAHA... I can't wait til some mean person from my past requests me to be added to their list as a friend and I can firmly reject their request. They'll be sorry then... the bastards.

2005-01-10 15:38:11 ET

I like how you worded this... had I been in a better mood, I would have giggled.

2005-01-10 15:41:39 ET

Well thank you... it's because I recently saw Grosse Point Blank.

Hopefully I'll catch you at a better time so you can get a good giggle in.

2005-01-10 16:08:37 ET

so if I tried to add you as a friend on here, would you be like "well, I can't confirm that, so NO."???

2005-01-10 16:14:39 ET

i'm afraid so... i don't let just anyone on my online list of friends.

especially ones that don't giggle at my quarky antics.

2005-01-10 16:16:56 ET

how's about if I giggled at that?

2005-01-10 16:31:30 ET

I'd feel like you don't truly respect me...

I can't keep this up. I'm not really sure why I never added you to list of buddies.

2005-01-10 16:34:07 ET

hahaha. i giggled, josh. but oh wait- im already on the coveted friends list aren't i? :D

thats funny though... i may have to look into that site myself. hehe.

AND! grosse point blank... faaaaantastic movie.

2005-01-10 16:36:43 ET

yeah I know I've thought many a time before "I should add him to my list of friends" yet I get distracted easily, so something shiny probably stopped me from doing so.

2005-01-10 16:38:10 ET

yes you are darling amanda...

it's really catchin on down here in the United States of A. for some reason... it's interesting cuz it links all these colleges around the nation and matches your highschools together. it's just funny to look at what other people look like now.


2005-01-10 16:45:36 ET

hmm well i wonder if its catching on up here in the canad of the a ? eek that was horrible.. buuuut i tried. haha.

its funny to see all the people that got the freshman 15.. or 20.. 30.. 40.. hahaha. i love when i go home and run into people who look soo different now, because then there's me who's lost weight since highschool and feel better about myself than i ever have. it's nice for once to be able to be like, "ha! i look good compared to you." hahaha as awfully shallow as that is.

and man. i looooooove that movie. but then again i'm a huge effin john cusack fan. high fidelity, anyone?

2005-01-10 16:50:05 ET

I <3 John Cusak flicks.

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