2005-01-18 14:12:03 ET

I was listening to Yoko Kanno today and sitting down before my class started and almost felt my entire body start collapsing... it was strange. I physically hurt to the point where I thought I might cry. It was straight in the center of my chest and my stomach.

It was really fast and at this really pretty moment in the song... and usually I get you know... enjoyable sensations when I listen to pretty songs that have a lot of ambience to them... but this was pain.

2005-01-18 14:14:38 ET

yikes, that's some intense music eh?

2005-01-18 14:15:50 ET

i don't think it is... but i guess it just hit me hard today.

2005-01-18 14:17:43 ET

was it just a breif flash of pain or do you still hurt? that's still really weird.

2005-01-18 15:43:15 ET

hmm... it was a very strong brief flash and now it's just like there is a weight there. i think it's cuz i haven't written anything for a while so all this emotion is piling up but it's never hurt like this before.

2005-01-18 16:02:11 ET

i get the same thing soemtimes when i listen to massive attack or portishead..

2005-01-18 17:22:26 ET

do you get that strong of a reaction?? that's so insane, I'm almost jealous just because it's intense and I get nothing like that.

2005-01-18 18:36:05 ET

lovelusthateyou - hmm... it's kind of weird. i've only had it happen a couple of times.

roots radical - haha... really it is quite insane but i don't think it's a good thing. it shouldn't hurt just cuz you don't express your emotions but i guess it makes me a slave to expression...

2005-01-18 18:42:04 ET

exactly. I just wish I had that much emotion about anything.... but I don't.

2005-01-19 08:39:51 ET

Well, sir...was it a good pain?

(And even though it didn't happen to me, I think that it has, so I'd like to say "I understand" ^^')

2005-01-19 11:18:02 ET

roots - I'm just too emotional at times so it's more of an annoyance to me rather than a blessing. I like how I can empathize with others much better than most but that's it.

neko - WAHOO!!! I always enjoy your comments... hmm... it was a pain that filled me with dread and worry. Like I knew that there was something I must do but it was going to change my life kind of pain. You always have a sense of wonder at what the outcome might be but you worry at the sametime that your life will never be the same.

2005-01-20 08:30:31 ET

Oh sir, believe me, I do remember that pain. You've got my sincere attention now.

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