What is wrong with me?!?!
2005-01-21 14:08:03 ET

So I had a book that I did not need for a class that I hate. And the book is something like $90.00 and I could use that $90 for other stuff and relishing the fact that I was taking $90.00 out of the hands of some publisher that's paying a couple dick professors to put out this book was just too much to my enjoyment. So I return the book to the nearby bookstore and all that jazz. So I go to the cashier to get my money and it's these two girls talking(i say girls cuz they were like 20 - 22) about some other person they want to get fired. Girls are always wishing terrible things on coworkers here... guys just call them "dumbasses" and are done with it.

Anyways... so I go to the "not-as-pretty-as-the-other-one" just cuz that's the kind of person I am. I don't like to do business with a girl that is gorgeous cuz I just don't trust myself to get my point across without flirting. So I'm wearing this leather band around my wrist... nothing big... I got it like 2 years ago cuz it was the only thing that can fit my teeny-tiny wrists. So the "prettier-one" says to me "I really like your leather bracelet you have around your wrist... it's very cute on you. You are a very styling guy. Very cute."

(pause for laughing)

So I smile a little bit wondering 'who the hell says styling anymore except for my mom?!?!?' and say "Well... my arms are really small so it was the only thing that fits around my wrist and doesn't make me look like a 5 year old."

Then I got my money, politely said thank you and left.

I always wonder what are you supposed to do when a girl compliments an article of clothing that you have on. Something so trivial and materialistic just really confuses me at times so I find ways to make their comments look like they are meaningless to me even though they just really piss me off. I guess I was supposed to invite her to party for that or get her number... I am out of touch with what a regular college guy is supposed to do.


2005-01-21 15:02:20 ET

I like fat leather bracelets. ;_;

And I don't think you're pathetic. I think you did just what you should have done. ...Or you could have just said "thank you" buuut that may not be your style. So as I say, "whatever floats your boat." And that's the best thing for you to do. 'Cause as long as it makes you happy and comfortable and doesn't hurt anyone else, then it's exactly what you should have done. ^_^

2005-01-21 15:30:53 ET

Hahaha... I just naturally say thanks all the time so I didn't think to type that. I just felt like she wanted me to say more.


It is actually quite cool when I look at it now... but I've never gotten so many compliments on it before in my life and I've been wearing for a good 2 years.

2005-01-21 15:58:04 ET

she wanted you.

either that or she's used to guys flirting with her and was trying to figure out what your deal was.

2005-01-22 08:19:31 ET

Well then maybe your manly pride can feel inflated. ^_^

...Er...no pun intended. ^^'''

2005-01-22 15:52:39 ET

I think it was the flirting thing and my manly pride is always inflated. I'm like a big balloon of pride all the time for some reason... hahahaha...

it's a really really big balloon too.

But seriously... I just felt weird with it. I think if your clothing is enough for comments then there's something lacking in your personality.

2005-01-23 12:01:38 ET

Like a dergible baloon?

...Either that or it's easier to say "you're bracelet is awesome" than "you're really hot."

2005-01-23 13:24:04 ET

Except not hydrogen... the whole exploding part is not really what I'm into.

Hahaha... she could have said, "You have a really good sense of humor" or maybe "You seem like a nice guy" but she went for the easy clothing comment. Maybe I'm just a tough sell on the whole flirting thing. Hahaha.

2005-01-23 15:41:06 ET

Well I think that's because she was a twit. I mean...I don't know her, but given the description that you gave, the twitness seems very likely. I don't think girls like that say "you seem really nice."

...Not that I would neccesarily know.

2005-01-25 06:23:56 ET

dont worry, compliments piss me off, too. i never know how to react, either. i'm like... "er, look! a distraction!" *runs away* or something equally retarded.

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