I am out of control...
2005-03-06 23:20:12 ET

You would think that obsessing over one girl would be enough but no... now it is two.

It's been two for a while. You have wonderful Britt on one side... then you have Jenn on the other. Jenn I've actually had some sort of a relationship with and so it could just be on-again-off-again crush kind of stuff... but I just found myself checking online picture albums to see if while me and her were somewhat selectively seeing each other... if she was with anyone else. I mean we weren't exclusive... well I was but we didn't have the talk so therefore it doesn't count... I just get this way when I really start to being in that inbetween liking and loving stage.

This really sucks. I mean... what is my problem? I messed up from the start with Jenn. I will never never never have anything more with Britt. I think when I go to Corona del Mar for Spring Break I'll really just get tired of it all and never comeback. Screw drama and crushes.

2005-03-07 12:45:40 ET

those last couple of lines are my feelings about high school.

2005-03-07 18:16:52 ET

It sucks hardcore. I hated highschool so much.

2005-03-07 19:31:00 ET

I have two month and 18 days left. I cannot wait until it's over!

2005-03-08 11:27:36 ET

...You know, if you would stop beating yourself up over this, you'd be able to let it go. *suggests offhandedly*

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