You know that feeling when you rediscover something amazing?
2005-05-04 17:22:44 ET

I was listening to Saul Williams again today and totally heard this track I hadn't heard in so long. The track I speak of is off of the Blackalicious album Blazing Arrow called "Release" featuring Lyrics Born and a Zack de la Rocha loop and it's just incredible. It starts with this real nice beat and this tight rap from Lyrics Born I think and then it breaks to Saul doing this recitation... simply amazing. Here's a part of it...

"Inner breathlessness, outer restlessness
By the time I caught up to freedom I was out of breath
Grandma asked me what I'm running for
I guess I'm out for the same thing the sun is sunnin for
What mothers birth their youngens for
And some say Jesus coming for
For all I know the earth is spinning slow
Suns at half mast 'cause masses ain't aglow
On bended knee, prostrate before an altered tree
I've made the forest suit me
Tables and chairs
Papers and prayers
Matter versus spirit"

Now there's a lot more but that part is what pulls you in and the rest just pushes you over the edge. It's a beautiful thing rediscovering something like this.

2005-05-04 19:13:43 ET

wow... thats about I'll I've got.

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