2005-07-23 19:50:54 ET

Did you ever really love me?
She's desire beneath a streetlight
And this feels more like a fire on the inside
With her name coming to life as my mouth spits the gasoline
Is this a dream or is this really happening
Like I'm dieing everyday instead of living
This is never put the right way but I'm trying
Cuz no one says my name like you do breathing in the night
This surrounding city is nothing without that believe me
To cast away the shallow lies
Is to curse my palms with the itch for the pen
I'm found in a better state when letter and page are one in the same
Connect me to her thoughts as I think this through
This is lust or it's love - nothing to tell me different nothing to prove
And I'm breathing with both eyes closed for peace, for calm, and for you
Think this ambitious pretentious but nothing short of wishful
It's just me here without the others to stop us
So show me your hands, I'm not taking any chances
Should have checked your lips instead but it's too late for me now
Just get out while you still can
I'll hold them back with all the words tied to the heart
Oh it's so threatening
And somehow I know which way to go and you never had a choice
Oh it's so demanding
So push back the throng of teeth and nails all around you
And wait for an apologetic shyness you don't deserve
Yeah I know how appealing that sounds right about now
It stings like boiling water on the softest of skin
Caught off guard backed against the most cunning of walls
Of steam that melts and pulls away the hands of clocks
They watch and they wait and when the chance comes to strike
And we will be numb at noon or by a quarter till
Whichever I choose I hide behind
Left or right and I've got 20/20 in either eye
And this is more than just a name written in the crudest of manuscripts
This soreness since I decided to awake with more than just a smile
Of the desire beget of the want and -
I need the struggle of battles fought again and again
Patience fails to lock it's fingers and I go alone like always
With futility born of brutality against heart and -
It's mine against yours until the bitter end
Falling head over heels into the flames
It burns - oh yes - it burns like hell
But it means you were really alive
And really here and there, turned on and torn off
Like paper wings melting in the sun
She's desire beneath a streetlight at night
And I'm hiding in the dark

2005-07-26 06:49:52 ET

I like it. :)

2005-07-26 09:56:05 ET

Well thank you very much... I enjoyed writing it.

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