An aside if you will...
2005-08-18 06:56:44 ET

"Whatever helps you sleep well tonight
You have my blessing
Whatever you need in order to smile
You can take my heart as a pillow
And my voice as a blanket with words to reassure
I just won't be donating my two cents to the plot
Even though all five senses ring with a warning
An image of tears and filled to the brim with a melancholic tonic
Mixed well with your ring finger and tossed back with wild abandon
And you are the one who's doing the abandoning
Not I... Not I
Says Jack's fleeing love struck soul
Your tears will fill any bottle I finish"

My friend that I love is getting married... is it okay that I'm angry even though she doesn't know how I feel? The wedding is next June but just the thought of it... ach... makes me sick to my stomach. The guy is in the military(student at West Point) and he has June off before he does further training and then he gets to pick his permanent spot 6 months later. Which means they will be married... have a month together and then he's off. The guy will probably go to Iraq or China with the amount of training he has and the fact that he speak Cantonese. So yeah... the above poem is a dedication piece.

2005-08-18 07:11:44 ET

You should prolly tell her how you feel.

I prefer a friend I could trust
that cares enough to disagree with me

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