"Isn't it more exciting to not have permission?"
2005-08-22 18:57:53 ET

The night swirls around me in hues of blue gray and infinite black
These star struck eyes cannot begin to describe the emptiness
With a hint of directionless breeze I'm sailing trackless
Like a lone singer's voice carving a stiletto pattern through the air
Iím blowing kisses to the backs of the prettiest girls
With the prettiest smiles attracting the most greedy of stares

If hearts were more than cards all the queens would own every beat
Every pause of my open chest with cheating lashes and empty sighs
A rainbow of emotion lights the footpath of goodbyes
With lips imprinted on the most made-up faces
We all enter and exit through the same dark places
And night is the only difference I have in my escape

So when I awake screaming, "I am incapable of love"
I feel more honest than I ever have before

2005-08-22 19:16:00 ET

good lord I am envious of your ability!

2005-08-22 19:21:00 ET

the only thing i can say to answer that comment (which is very flattering and i thank you very much for it) is that everyone has their own voice and their own experiences to work off of... ability is in the eye of the beholder and the fact that you can enjoy my writing means that you have very strong emotions which make themselves known when it needs to be.

2005-08-22 20:26:35 ET

my thoughts coil
down my neck through my spine
gripping tightly
I stand on my own

2005-08-22 20:46:23 ET

I also enjoy how modest you are about it.

2005-08-22 21:13:20 ET

I fear if I unwrap them
I'll fall to peices

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