The Dance Upon The Earth
2005-09-19 23:39:15 ET

So yeah... I haven't posted in a while. I'm doing fine. A little overwhelmed with work and school and more work and more school... but the writing has been helping. This next one is quite crazy but I like it.

"The Dance"

The clock tolls twelve
Iím up to my old ways again
Line them up for me to look upon
Yeah this is the beginning of the end
Oh Iíll bounce from one to another come on
Iíve grown accustomed to this custom
One up one down and Iím dead in the heart and the head
By the mourning the morning newspapers will read of my romantics
Iím the emotionally leeching loverís feeding masochistic side of the bed

Welcome to the party
This partly is yours to blame for it all
Drink it fast or you wonít last
Like a storytellerís book on love
A submitted narcissistic for your approval
After all...

Yeah Iíve heard it before
Ringing in my head from my hair on down
You donít have to sing softly darling
No one is here to stop you for now
Raise your voice raise your glass
This is the last thing Iíll ever ask of you before you leave
This is the morning after mindless self-indulgence
Just another notch in my belt and more suspense
And a head full of self-esteem

Oh it's the beginning of the ďthis and thatĒ tit for tat
Iím up and out the door from this neighborhood murder scene
Accomplice to a crime you canít think to fathom
Yeah you canít play stupid with me
Sing me that song one more time again and again
Yeah thatís exactly what I thought this would be
A hand to your neck and the other somewhere beneath
And someone already has your tongue in cheek

As if by probability
You could have tripped on all the common feet and common struggle
We are the common children of the fatherless brides
Of chance circumstance and double trouble
Sliding prescripted smiles under our skin straight to the bone
Sheís on the ground again
Yeah Iíll be the one to take her home
Sound all the sirens of the gravest alert
After all the fun and the games
Someone has to get hurt

Blink blink the clock is down again
Flashing 8's and I've sucked down another one
I can already that this is the feel the beginnning of the end

2005-09-20 04:07:39 ET

not that this has anything to do with your post...but reading your bio was a bit freaky boyfriends name is Josh...He's 21...and his favorite band is Incubus.

just odd...and random

2005-09-20 16:24:12 ET

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