2005-09-22 00:22:50 ET

They won't let anyone go South to Houston unless you live there and they've evacuated pretty much all of the coast but it's supposed to just push right through all the way to Arkansas so I don't know how much good that will do. Since I live in College Station we are supposed to be pretty much in the direct line of destruction. I really think that we will get hit by a tornado that forms on the outskirts or just drown because of how poor the drainage system is here. I don't know who will be to blame for how bad the drainage system is here though... or how bad it is in Bryan... maybe the Governor... or the Mayor... but I don't think the Mayor has enough money to fix anything in Bryan and A&M is too busy spending money on buildings, football and expanding the roads into College Station rather than something petty like finding a place for the water. What to do... what not to do... I like to take these catastrophic world events that develop and align them to something in my own life and I think of this whole thing as writing a report for class that's pretty damn good and then forgetting my stapler and the prof doesn't have one and everyone else already stapled theirs but they were also the ones that said that I wouldn't need one. So now I'm in class... I've written this report... not a stapler to be found and I have written my name on every page so I just take it up the butt and turn it in and the prof loses a page and an A paper is now an F. Boohoo... I fucked up... but it's not the end of the world... I can still get my stapler and reprint the old paper and turn it in to maybe help mend the F and from now on I will never forget to staple my stuff. So yeah... hope that made sense but that's where I'm at right now. We have something like 1,500 refugees from New Orleans in our basketball stadium right now and about 1,000 students from New Orleans currently enrolled. We will on friday be receiving about 3,000 more students that attend Texas A&M at Galveston who will also begin attending here too if their campus is destroyed. So it's like travelling from one bad spot to another that's going to be hit pretty damn hard also. Our county is yellow in the hurricane wind warning on the weather channel.

I explained... I bitched... I pointed some fingers... I said my peice... I pretended like I matter... but in the end... the wind and rain will come all the same and clean all this s hit out of the gutters and into the streets where you and I must walk and ride and be and only then will we complain.

All I know is that I will be drunk before during and after this whole thing comes to my door.

2005-09-22 02:59:43 ET

Staplers are only like $1.50 at Staples.

At least they're trying to be prepared for Rita.

2005-09-22 05:29:58 ET


it's a metaphor.

2005-09-22 07:06:05 ET

LOL I noticed. But staplers are always good things to have.

2005-09-22 15:36:47 ET

Yes they are... I used to have a small one and today I dropped my bag and it broke. I was sad.

2005-09-22 16:39:25 ET

I would have cried. Big huge alligator tears. If I ever break my stapler.

2005-09-26 10:56:30 ET

Do Alligators Cry?

2005-09-26 11:33:22 ET

I don't think so, but if they did...I think they'd be HUGE tears.

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