"Oh that Mary immaculate was just good at hiding it"
2005-09-27 19:58:38 ET

I'm living in the confession booth again
Listening to all the hottest girls' hottest sins
I'm not looking for much
Just a little more than usual
Shameless primping in all the other women
Does that sound unusual...
Well not to me
You can disagree but I'll show you the aftermath of my bedroom
As long as you don't ask who
And unlike a quote from a Brooke's poem line
My smile is the product on this mask of wit and guile
And the occasional debauchery that comes with red wine
Love takes hostages but I just shoot'em instead
I'm counting two rounds of anger and lust in each chest
One smoking hole of jealousy in each head
And smeared prints all over bodies recently caressed
The wounded are better off dead
-"Oh that Mary immaculate was just good at hiding it"

2005-09-27 20:27:35 ET

what a mess

2005-09-28 05:14:50 ET

thanks... it's a work in progress but if i don't post it someplace i'll lose it

2005-09-28 05:53:44 ET

Not the work
the situations described

2005-09-28 06:00:40 ET

Yeah... I took your comment as either the situations which are very much a mess or the writing itself which is true cuz I believe the structure needs some work and it seems cluttered but distant at the sametime. I either need to rewrite this part alittle more concisely with a time in mind or elaborate in the next part.

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