2002-07-29 14:05:11 ET

I've got a full time job at the Veterinary Clinic near my house as a kennel tech. I get paid $7 an hour(my last job paid $7.50) to walk dogs three times a day, feed and water the dogs, clean cages, mop the floors, do dishes, clean windows, clean cat cages, give medications, clean the operating room, take out trash, clean the examination sinks, clean the bathrooms, and then any other stuff they want me to do. I'm like a dog janitor. It sucks sometimes but I just remind myself of my dream to be a vet(which is why I am going to be attending Texas A&M... it has an amazing Vet school). It's not really a dream but just what I could see myself doing in 25 years and still enjoying my work. My real dream was to be a studio artist and attend the University of Southern California and become a big shot cartoonist guy. But that went down the drain when I saw how much the tuition was for USC(something $40,000). Then I decided I was going to be musician but found that no matter how much I faked it... I can't sing worth crap and then my guitar playing could use a lot of cleaning up so I put that dream on hold. I play my guitar everyday as much as possible so I'm getting better which is a very cool. I just wonder if putting a dream on hold is a good thing? What happens if I never accomplish that dream because the time has come and gone when it would of been possible but I was too busy for it?

2002-07-29 14:16:59 ET

dreams are a great thing to hold on to
welcome to sk :)

2002-07-29 14:22:33 ET

Hiya, Welcome! tee hee ^_^ I live near austin! Dreams are something for me to look forward to! Ya know what i mean? Like when i'm really depressed, and want to die, it's like no, i don't want to, because i want to be this, or I want to do that! So yeah, it's a good thing to have a dream! Even if your dream doesn't come true!

2002-07-29 14:42:13 ET


2002-07-30 06:50:59 ET

hi new person..its amazing how so far its only girls that have commented..

2002-07-30 10:25:06 ET

guys are lazy?

2002-07-30 10:31:38 ET

that too..

2002-08-05 09:37:32 ET

Hi there...I love animals as well!!!!! I work at the Ft. Worth zoo!!!!! I work with predatory mammals i.e. Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! I think you should look up...if you really want to go to USC try geting some Scholorships, or grants you dont have to pay them back! I am shipping myself off the frist of next year to UCSD and I have aquired a nice tasty cash horde from grants and things that hopefully will lower the cost! Look forward to whatever you do...thing of things as dreams...being a vet is get to put smiles on peoples faces when they bring in their half dead dog...or their animals just need a heck up andyou tell them nothing is something that will make you happy not make you a lot of money...

2002-08-08 06:10:21 ET

I've just decided I'm just going to let things come to me. I've never had much luck with things that I go after but if I just sit back and continue in my present direction I think that good things will happen and I just gotta know which road to take... as easy as that sounds... haha!

2002-08-08 07:43:31 ET

welcome to Sk!

2002-08-08 07:56:05 ET

Im late but Welcome to Sk.

2002-08-19 22:41:43 ET

wtf happened to brett?

2002-08-25 22:26:27 ET

am i always late? well heya

2002-08-25 22:32:24 ET

haha.. hello

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