2002-08-02 08:21:15 ET

Well I have decided that girls are probably the most confusing and utterly frustating creatures on the planet and their only reason for existence is to give us guys problems unimaginable. I have a best friend who is a girl who I used to have this amazing crush on. The only problem was that she was my best friend's ex-girlfriend. I know what your saying... how horrible of me but the fact that I had known her for five years and that I've had to listen to my best bud telling stories about her for a year and half could be seen as reason enough for me to have the slightest inkling of affection towards her. Well I began to not care what my best bud thought about me because frankly he treated me like shit. So I told her that I liked her and I wanted to know how she felt about me(we had been hanging out a lot and I was questioning whether or not her feelings for me were completely platonic). Well she told me she didn't "recipricate" the same feelings for me and the fact that I liked her was "cute." Whoo... I got rejected so bad... well a couple months have passed and we began to hang out even more and she's told me a number of times that she does have feelings for me but only when I would be dating another girl. Well one night... it was like 2 am... we were watching TV and one thing led to another and I made out with her. It was very cool... well when I asked how she thought about it she just said that my friend can never find out and that she didn't want this to go on any further. Sucks for me. Well lately we've been practically inseperable but I've given up on her and my so called best bud found out about everything(I don't know how!) and get this... sent her an e-mail telling her how bad of person she was and that he still had feelings for her and that he'd love her forever and all this other stuff but didn't send me jack. I was as much of a culprit as her if not worse and he doesn't have the balls to get made at me! Just pisses me off.

2002-08-02 08:27:05 ET

if i may put my two cents in...

shes playing you..shes obviously knows you like her..being that you told her..and shes going with it..and your friends kinda stupid cause i would of blamed you too..but hes in the moment so hes not gonna see it that way..oh well for all u know she probably told him herself..

2002-08-02 08:54:16 ET

i play, girls are good for that. this coming from a female. hate to see anyone get played, and...are you and the 'best bud' really good friends?

2002-08-02 09:46:08 ET

haha. you sound like me 2 months ago. i was in a situation similiar to yours, but i gave up and focused my energies on other people.

2002-08-05 09:31:05 ET

Well the only thing I would be able to tell you is that I agree and disagree with what likenooneele wrote!

I do feel that she is playing you because you told her that you liked her! But I dont feel that your friend has anything to blame you about. If any man liked her after they broke up he would be so caught in the moment he would assume that she was cheating on him and he was the reason that they broke up! There have been many times where I was surrounded by my best friends and their "others" and having feelings isnt your fault, you really cant turn them on and off. Yes it is "wrong" to do it...but sometimes you cant help it! There are other will find one! *hugs*

2002-08-08 06:03:19 ET

haha.. thank you very much for giving me advice and such. Me and "the best bud" really aren't that close... we used to but when his summer school started it just kinda fell through. And then my "other best bud"(haha... you can kind of figure out which one is which with my gallery but it kind of gives me a false sense of anonymity if I don't tell their names) just decided to stop talking to me for some reason... actually that again is another brilliant move by me. We were all at this party a long time ago and I was super drunk... well his "friend with benefits" was pretty toasted also. We ended up kissing and he got really mad... I really had no idea what was happening but he's been a little pissed at me ever since. I'm an idiot!! Well I've started to just focus on getting through the rest of the summer until I leave for college.

2002-08-08 06:04:52 ET

well maybe that sets it..dont get so damn drunk

2002-08-08 06:06:14 ET

I know... I've been good ever since though.

2002-08-08 06:07:00 ET


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