2002-09-03 03:01:59 ET

Well I've been getting up early and running everyday for some reason. I mean don't get me wrong... I love running. It calms me down and relieves a lot of stress and tension but I need sleep and I haven't been getting much lately. My stomach is in knots and I can feel it tighten up all the time. It sucks. Haha... I'm such a loser. And I've fully classified myself as a hopeless romantic. I've got that Vanessa Carlton song stuck in my head... Ordinary Day or something like that... I mean I don't even listen to that kind of stuff. I have this sudden urge to learn how to play it on my guitar which isn't very easy because it's nothing like all the other stuff I play. Well I'm going to go do some laundry.

2002-09-03 03:13:49 ET

Oh and I know how you feel about being a hopeless romantic.. I've been listening to Avril Lavigne.. *shudder* And unfortunately I actually like it! I still hate her.. but I just drift to the music. I feel like a preppy.

2002-09-03 03:41:27 ET

Ha... don't worry. I won't tell anyone. You should find out for certain though. haha... I despise Avril but that damn song!! I think she wears that same tie all the time... haha

2002-09-03 03:46:44 ET

LoL, probably.. she says she's inspired by punk - my ass!! .. is cute. hehehe..

2002-09-03 03:58:28 ET

See... I'm a helpful boy.

2002-09-05 02:49:46 ET

Thanks for that ^_^

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