2002-09-08 23:25:43 ET

Well I am thoroughly disappointed that no one tried to guess the quote... well I'll give you a hint... it's one of my favorite bands and they also have a song with this little except in it:

"If I hadn't made me, I'dve fallen apart by now.
I won't let 'em make me, it's more than I can allow.
So when I make me, I won't be papier-mache.
And if I fuck me... I'll fuck me in my own way."

Please someone try to guess!! I want to have something cool on this page!!

2002-09-09 03:46:22 ET

incubus, make yourself. woo woo.

2002-09-09 22:18:36 ET

oh cool.. well you are currently in the lead for my little game that no one knows about. Well my next quote will be tougher.. just had to start off easy.

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