2002-09-09 22:24:33 ET

Well since I only had one person guess on my quote game and got it right I am still totally bummed. Well here is the next one:

We're not twenty-one,
but the sooner we are,
the sooner the fun will begin,
so get out your fake eyelashes,
and fake i.d's,
& real disasters ensue,
it's cool to take these chances.
It's cool to fake romances
& grow up fast.

Good Luck again.

2002-09-10 01:25:04 ET

don't have a clue...

2002-09-10 22:48:37 ET

okay... here's some clues... all the members of this band are really just musicians from other bands led by this really emotionally battered songwriter... this guy has really been in some screwed up relationships.... there it should be pretty easy now.

2002-09-10 23:26:52 ET

OMG like that doesn't describe damn near every band...LOL

2002-09-12 06:35:56 ET

fine... it's an all acoustic band and they won a VMA at this years MTV Video Awards.

2002-09-12 09:49:19 ET

crap i knew i should have watched that.
i am so out of it....

2002-09-12 21:40:07 ET

Okay... it's... (duhdudhduhduh...DUM!!)

Dashboard Confessional's "Swiss Army Romance"

Thanks for trying though. I'll post another quote here.

2002-09-12 22:41:58 ET

hehehehe... cool
i wouldn't have gotten that.

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