2002-10-11 00:11:07 ET

Well I haven't written anything in a while so I thought I should probably write something. Well I am going to Baylor tomorrow to visit my friends and go to the football game. umm... other than that I don't think anything really awesome has happened to me lately. Oh... I think I'm in a band now... I filled in for them last weekend when they came to town and we played at some festival and some bar. It was very cool and a lot of fun... and people like sang along to the covers we did. So I think they like me... but what bothers me is that i don't play bass for like 6 months... devote myself to learning all about the acoustic guitar... get pretty good for how long i've been playing(People have told me I'm good also)... and I tell some guy I know how to play bass and I'm in a band. I did really well too for the first time playing with them... lots of improv stuff. It's just I want to play guitar... you know! Distortion... effects processors... I wanna play like Mike Einziger!! I mean I love the bass... I would play it till I die it's just there is so much creative process in the guitar and a lot of fun stuff to play around with... high notes... you know... you can take it off beat and go off on your own and shit like that... you can wail! I don't know... I'm just bitching tonight. haha... it's called "bass guitarist denial"... You know what I really want to play? I want to learn how to drum... crap I want to be the guy who can pick up any instrument and be able to just rock out. Okay well I'm going to Waco in the morning so I shall have to sleep tonight. Thanks for reading my incessant blabber... I'll probably get some pissed off bassists that will tell me I can do all this shit on the bass, I know that I can it's just a respect issue... I mean no one (except for me) plays air bass to a song. You should try it... it's tough!

2002-10-12 06:08:49 ET

I'll remember that next time I'm air-banding with my friend Sam, I'm always vocalist and he plays guitar on a squash raquet =p The person you wanna be - the musician guy - is my half brother Ben - he can play Bass, El. Guitar, A. Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, you name it he'll be good at it - coolest guy I know ^_^
Well if your band ends up becoming famous, you'd better tour to Australia and get me backstage passes or I'll have to assassinate you =p

2002-10-13 16:25:42 ET

whoa!! I better give you back stage passes then... an assassination attempt on my life would be really bad.. and Australia would be the first place I would tour!!

2002-10-13 23:51:51 ET

Yay! You know most bands say Australia's the best place to play, they say we really get into the music, all I know is that I come out of the mosh pit with fat man sweat all over me *shudders*

2002-12-05 03:10:08 ET

Do it all and be a one man band, harmonica et al.

2002-12-12 21:35:25 ET

Hmmm... i need to learn how to play harmonica. But i could strap cymbals to the insides of my feet and set up a little kick drum... that would be fun.

2002-12-13 06:25:59 ET

Oo, and then find yourself a monkey to sit on your shoulder to collect donations in his hat./

2002-12-15 20:41:35 ET

Well then why the Hell am I wasting time with Texas A&M?!?!?!

2002-12-16 02:35:34 ET

Why the hell would you waste your time with Texas ANYTHING?

2002-12-17 00:26:52 ET

Haha... I live here so I guess it is my curse to be stuck here. But I will make the most of what I have.

2002-12-17 03:25:57 ET

Mmm, tasty foot in mouth.

2002-12-17 15:03:24 ET

I'm glad that your foot is tasty... but do not worry that you offended me at all. Texas is kind of crappy but I'd rather be living here than a lot of places... but then I'd also rather be living elsewhere than here.

2002-12-17 15:30:43 ET

You also produced the Bushes.

Well, not you specifically.

2002-12-18 00:47:35 ET

I kind of like the Bushes though... they make the world so much more exciting with all their new words and "compassionate conservatism." And then they are pretty no nonsense when it comes to invading the Middle East and beating the crap out of terrorists.

2002-12-18 20:21:43 ET

And your president thought Africa was a country.


2002-12-18 22:52:23 ET

He got a little confused... we are all allowed to make mistakes. And isn't it?

Just kidding... I'm not ignorant.

2002-12-19 11:49:13 ET

Unlike George Bush, no.

Snicker snicker.

2003-01-02 05:51:59 ET

Hmmm... you have a very strong dislike of our nation's president don't you?

2003-01-02 10:58:30 ET

I can't deny it.

2003-01-07 18:48:28 ET

It's okay.. he is a very silly man but I'm glad that he is doing a pretty okay-decent job. And he makes me laugh so that is always a plus.

2003-01-07 19:19:38 ET

I think he's severely suffering from the embarassment of the whole Hussein issue from his father's cabinet.

2003-01-10 14:42:40 ET

True... you have a point with that one. There are times when I want to pat him on the back and congratulate him on how he handled the terrorist attack but then tell him to slow it down with this whole "Axis of Evil" situation.

2003-01-13 06:43:41 ET

And then circle where Iraq is so he can find it on the map, and then point out that Osama is from Saudi Arabia.

But let's not bomb them!

They've got ALL THE OIL...

2003-01-13 21:47:27 ET

You should send him a Flowchart of that with large letters and small words that he can understand.

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